National Conference on “Molecular Basis of Human Diseases” was organized by the Department of Biochemistry, on 8th & 9th January 2015.

In commemoration of 50th year celebrations of Bharathi Women’s College (Autonomous), Chennai-600108, a National Conference on “Molecular Basis of Human Diseases” was organized by the Department of Biochemistry, on 8th & 9th January 2015. The major aim of the conference was to make the students familiar about the causes and pathology of major human diseases such as diabetes mellitus, cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular diseases.
The major objective of the conference was to provide a scientific platform for faculty members, research scholars and students to know novel innovations regarding the genetic basis of human diseases. The conference was sponsored by University Grants Commission, New Delhi.

The program was started with the Welcome Address by Dr. C.S.Parameswari, Head and Associate Professor and the Presidential Address by Dr. V. Lilly, Principal. The inaugural address was given by the eminent scientist, Dr.V.Mohan M.D. FRCP. Chairman and Chief, Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes specialities centre, Chennai with the inspiring lecture on “Tracking the diabetes epidemic – Some Success stories from Chennai.” Dr. V. Mohan, highlighted the Epidemic of Diabetes in India, the pandemic Nature of Diabetes and the genetic and environmental factors associated with the pathogenesis of Diabetes. His lecture was inspiring and created awarness on the timely intervention, preventive measures and management of Diabetes Mellitus. He also released the sovenier of the conferene.

Dr. Srikala Prasad, M.D. D.G.O. MCH, Chief Civil surgeon of Urology, Kasturibha Government Hospital, Triplicane, has delivered an inspiring lecture on “Cervial cancer – Clinical Implications and Molecular Basis”. The lecture was very informative and she discussed all the queries raised by the female participants regarding the preventive aspects of cervical cancer.

Dr. P.Kalaiselvi, Assistant Professor Head incharge, Dr. ALMPGIBMS Taramani, has given a lecture on “An insight into hepatic steatosis and its influence on atherosclerosis”. In her lecture, she explained about the life expectancy of human population in the 21st century based on the life style changes and dietary factors such as saturated fats, and also liver toxicants.

Dr. A.J. Vanishree Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Guindy campus, chennai has delivered a lecture on “ Methylation mystery of neurotrophic receptors in glioma” in which she has explained and concluded that NTRKs are the budding probes for assessing the molecular behaviour of glioma cells at different grades of severity.

An international delegate from Malaysia, Dr. Annie Jeyachristy Lectures, Unit of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine AIMST University, has delivered a lecture on “Unfolded protein response in Human diseases.” In her lecture, she has portrayed the novel and nascent proteins which undergo folding to acquire functional capabilities. She has also concluded that unfolded proteins in various diseases should be evaluated to understand the pathomechanism and treatment.

Faculty members and research students from various Institutions and Universities participated and presented their research papers. Postgraduate students participated in the Intercollegiate, collage competition.

The performance of the students participated in the competitions were judged by Dr. T. Devaki, Professor in Biochemistry, Deparment of Biochemistry, Guindy campus, University of Madras, Dr. E. Sabina, Associate Professor, School of Biosciences and Technology, VIT University and Dr. Devi Rajeswari, Senior Assistant Professor, School of Biosciences and Technology, VIT University.

Dr. S. Niranjali Devaraj has given an informative lecture on “ From Avery to Gene therapy – A long journey” in valedictory session, where she highlighted the evolution of gene research and the hidden truth behind DNA discovery. All the participants appreciated the speech.

Prizes and certificates were distributed to the prize winners by Dr. S. Niranjali Devaraj in the valedictory function.