Mrs.K.S.Premakumari, M.A., M.Phil., Assistant Professor in English
Our College NCC consists of 54 cadets.

They are trained in such a manner that a cadet is modelled to be a good citizen of the Nation. ‘Duty and Discipline’ forms the motto of NCC.
It also develops their character, leadership quality, obedience, punctuality and hard work.
2012-2013: Every year our cadets attend all the camps like CATC-NIC, BLC, ITC & RDC that is conducted through the year without fail. Apart from this they also participate in various rallies like Eye Camp, AIDS awareness, Ever Green – organized by the Exnora.
2013-2014: Apart from the regular camps this year our cadets conducted two social programmes.

1. They visited an Ashram named ‘Anugraha’ – for the mentally sick children. They donated stationary items to the children.
2. They organized a traffic controlling near our college in morning between 8 to 10 A.M. They carried out this programme for a week.


The NSS in our college have five units and the units are function under the following faculties.

S.NONSS in our college have five units
1Ms. M. Padma ( Department of Chemistry )
2Mrs.A.Nanda ( Department of English )
3Dr.M.D.Bindhuja ( Department of Zoology )
4Dr.S.Lavanya(Department of Maths)
5Mrs.K.Abitha (Department of English)

Each unit has 100 volunteers and totally 500 volunteers are involving in the NSS activities.Our NSS volunteers are actively participating in various health camps,awarenessprogrammes,rallies, competitions,etc., conducted by the University of Madras and the colleges affiliated to the University of Madras.
Our Nss units are tie up with NGO’S , Lion’s Club of South Madras and Lion,s Club of Chennai Supreme. In our campus we are conducting various programs like health camps, awareness programs competitions, etc., among NSS volunteers.
Every year we are conducting Seven days special camping program having the theme of
The following programs conducted in our campus.

  • Best NSS volunteer Award received by Selvi.M.Priya and Selvi.P.Sumathi, IIIB.A.Tamil Lit.,Dr.S.Kulandaisamy gave an awareness on Religious Hormony.
  • Dr. Anandan Stanley Medical College,gave an awareness on Leukaemia is not a Contagious disease.
  • Volunteers attended Self Defence for women students and conducted by Madras school of Social Work.
  • Procession by our Nss Volunteers stating the importance of Right to Vote.
  • Volunteers attended awareness program on HIV and STD.
  • Volunteers gave awareness to the publics on wearing of Helmets
  • Volunteers participated in Swami Vivekanandha’sRathYatra at UOM.
  • Participated in procession on the day of Voter’s day.
  • Students underwent training on how to use EVM.
  • Dr.L.Anuradha and Mrs. Bhagyalakshmi gave awareness on HIV and personal Hygiene.
  • Selvi.N.Pesumathi, Selvi.V.Aruna, Selvi.D.Reena,Selvi.J.Bakiyam,III B.Sc., Botany got first prize in various competitions conducted by Presidency College,Chennai.
  • Legal awareness for women students.
  • Role of Teachers in Higher Education-National level workshop attended by Dr.N. Vijaya( P.O)
  • Dr.Ezhilmalar, Ezhil Hospital, gave awareness on problems facing by the women students.
  • Mr.Anandajothi , Inspector, Muthialpet Police Station gave awareness on Road safety.
  • Importance of Voter’s ID rally conducted by our students
  • Work shop attened by volunteers on Health andHygiene- conducted by JBAS college for women.
  • Nss volunteers attended First Aid Program and about 108 Ambulance service-conducted by Anna Adharsh college of Arts and Science.
  • Awrareness camp on Dengue fever by Dr.Sowdammal and Mr. Jagadish Stanley Hospital.
  • Volunteers attended workshop conducted by RKV film Institute on Digital film and Television Media.
  • Selvi.S.Padmapriya, III B.A Tamil Lit., got first prize – University level.


YRC Programme Officer : Dr.Thulasimala, Asst. prof and Head, Dept. of Geography
Started from 1988-89, 40 UG students are members of Youth Red Cross, and they take part actively in all its related activities, coordinated with a student president and a secretary.


In-charge : Dr.T.Rajeswari, M.A., M.phil,Ph.D., Asst. Prof In Telugu
Many students are members of the Red Ribbon Club, and they take part actively in all the activities of the club.


Environmental protection is a practice of protecting the environment for the benefit of the individual and society in large .the main objective is the reduction of pollution and making the environment more CLEAN AND GREEN. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the “3” s that helps us to reduce global warming. As an initiative from the PG Department of Botany, the project‘GO GREEN’ is initiated. The rationale behind the programme is not only the solid waste management of the campus, but also to create awareness on clean and green environment amongst students and to promote leadership opportunities to them.


Solid waste of the campus falls under three categories namely

  • Paper (in any form….even torn bits tickets, etc.)
  • Plastics (in the form of bottles, covers, cups, etc.)
  • Biodegradable (food waste, leaves and others)

Management of paper waste
The company ITC has a corporate social responsibility scheme named “ Wealth Out of Waste (WOW) which involves corporate and Educational institutions. The company gives collection bins, where even torn papers, tickets etc. are collected. Collection van visits the campus, weights the paper and encashes either in the form of A4 sheets or as Cheques.

Plastic waste
Plastic collection bins will be placed in the campus. Local venders will collect the waste weekly.

Biodegradable waste
Biodegradable waste will be collected and processed for compost. The solar fed compost will initially be used for our own use and in the future it will be sold.

Awareness programmes

A series of lectures, workshop and training on Clean- Green environment is planned throughout the year

Student participation and Leadership:

Each class has three volunteers who will be named as Go green volunteers who will monitor the cleanliness of the class room and segregation of waste and each floor will have one active volunteer as Floor Leader who will be in charge of the cleanliness of the floor. Each Block will have one Block leader who is the active participant and leader by herselfwho will coordinate with the floor leaders. One student coordinator will be selected. She will coordinate the entire activity. This type of Leadership ladder will motivate the students and help them mould them self in to an effective leader in due course.