Syllabus 2019


About the department:

Telugu Department has been an integral part of Bharathi Women’s college ever since its inception in 1964. Incidentally, this institution serves the educational requirements of Telugu speaking people in this area.

Telugu language ranks the second among spoken languages in India next to Hindi. In Tamil Nadu it is place next to Tamil, which is the official language of this state. In this institution, Telugu has been taught as part-I Languages for B.A/

Taking into account the above factors, the graduate level syllabus will be prepared and submitted reflecting the cultural link of Telugu and Tamil Developmental measures will be taken continuously for upgrading the standards by our highly qualified and efficient staff.

Staff Profile

S.No. Emp. CodeNameQualificationDesignationExperience
1T/OL/160Dr. T.RajeswariM.A., M.Phil,PhDAsst. Prof In telugu

Library and Department library

Our College general library has 1000 books in Telugu in various heads like Puranas, Ithihasas, Kavyas, Dramas,Novals,Short stories,Folkore,Prosepieces,Criticism etc., and 125 books in the Departmental Library. 25 more books purchased for General Library and 15 books Purchased for Departmental Library for the Academic year 2012-13

Research Contribution

Faculty Publications

Details of Research Publications

S.NoName of the StaffName of the PaperName of the Journal
1Dr.T.RajeswariJaanapadaVaidyam.Telugu Jaanapada
edited by Dr.V.SankaraRao in 2013.
2Dr.T.RajeswariSriSri SiriSirimuvvaSatakamTelugu SatakaSahityaVaibhavam edited by Dr.A.Ambruni
3Dr.T.RajeswariMohiniBhasmasuraTelugu NatakaSahityam SamajikaPrayojanam edited by Dr.VistaliSankaraRao
4Dr.T.RajeswariNaveenaSavithriTelugu Journal Janani