Syllabus 2019


About the department

The department of Botany was started as an undergraduate department in the year 1971-72 with a sanctioned strength of 30+30. It bloomed into a postgraduate department in 2012 with a sanctioned strength of 20. It upgraded itself into centre for research in the the year 2014-15. Both UG and PG laboratories are well equipped with state of art technology appropriate for practical sessions. To constantly encourage students in refining their knowledge, the department organizes various seminars and workshops, taking the frontiers of education beyond books and also through its Associations and covalent club activities. The department also aims to widen the students’ knowledge on career prospects awaiting them. Many of the alumni from the department are place in research labs. The department has signed MOU for Research and Training in various aspects of Botany. The MOU’s is signed with Marina Labs, Chennai for Bio-tech Research, Galahad tech. farm pvt. Ltd., for Mushroom Technology, Asthagiri foundation for Analytical Instrumentation facility and Mahadhi Biotech for Algal Biotechnology.
The students of the department organized a community service extension activity on Awareness programme on mosquito control.

Staff Profile

S.NOEmp. CodeNameQualificationDesignationExperience
1T/B/107Dr. Subha T.SM.Sc. Ph.D.,Associate. Professor & HOD217
2T/B/108Mrs.Jayanthi NM.Sc.,M.Phil., B.Ed.,Assistant Professor127
3T/B/110Dr.Sharmila SM.Sc., Ph.D.,Assistant Professor117
4T/B/111Dr.Rajalakshmi GM.Sc.,M.Phil., B.Ed.,Ph.D.,Assistant Professor107
5T/B/112Dr. Radha AMSc.,MPhil., B.Ed., Ph.D., PDFAssistant Professor107
6T/B/113Dr. Kavitha RM.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D.,Assistant Professor107
7T/B/114Dr.R.Anitha M.Sc.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor44
8T/B/183Dr. S.BhuvaneswariM.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,Assistant Professor44
9T/B/184Dr.N. BanuM.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,Assistant Professor22

Labs / Infrastructure/ Department Library

Details of equipment and computers available
S.NName of the EquipmentQuantity
1Lark Fermentor -3 L1
2Light phase contrast microscope1
3Cooling Centrifuge1
4Deep Freezer1
5Laminar Air Flow Chamber1
8Magnetic Stirrer1
9Over Head Stirrer1
10Spectrophotometer ( only visible range)1
11Digital pH meter ( Pen type)1
12Digital Balance2
13Gel Electrophoresis1
14Agarose Gel Electrophoresis1
17Water Bath with cooling circulator1
18Soxhlet apparatus1
19Water distillation unit1
21Digital colorimeter1
22Digital ultrasonic bath1
23Variable pipettes5
24Orbital shaker1
25Digital centrifuge1
26Microscopes (Compound)93
27Microscopes (Simple)91
29Microwave Oven1
31Variable micro pipette (1 ml to 5 ml)1
32Non-electric light source (Rechargeable)2
33Hot plate 12 ’’ dia with energy regulator1
34Mini centrifuge 4x15 ml tubes1
35Monocular Microscope with illumination1
36Digital D.O. Meter1
37Projection microscope1
38Vacuum Pump1
39Rotary Microtome1

Number of books in the library : 1492
Number of Journals : 4

Seminar / Workshop / Conferences Organized

S.No.DateTitleResource Person
111/2/2014Go Green - UGC sponsored one day seminarMS.Shobha
Mr. Indirakumar
212/8/2013Workshop on techniques of molecular biology and nanotechnologyDr.P.T.Kalaiselvan
306/01/2013Youth Leader ship Program in collaboration with Toastmaster International, USA.Ms.T.S.Deepa
One Day National Conference on Biodiversity and Human Health: New Perspectives sponsored by UGC and National Biodiversity Authority Dr.Sultan Ahmed Ismail

Research contribution

Faculty Publications
S.No.NameTitleJournalVolume No./ Issue/Page No
1Mohanapriya Venkataraman, Rajesh Mishra, V. Subramaniam, A. Gnanamani, and T. S. Subha, (2014). 2014, Application of Silver Nanoparticles to Industrial Sewing Threads: Effects on Physico-functional Properties & Seam Efficiency.Fibers and PolymersVol.15, No.3, 510-518
2Thennarasan S, Murugesan S, T. S. Subha,(2014) HPTLC finger printing profile of brown alga Lobophora variegate,(J.V. Lamouroux). Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research,6(1):674-677
3Pandurangan Harikrishnan, Thillai Saku Subha, Varadharajan Kavitha, Arumugam Gnanamani (2013). Microbial Adhesion on Orthodontic Ligating Materials: An in Vitro Assessment.Advances
in Microbiology,
3: 108-114
4Bhuvaneswari S., Murugesan S., Subha, T. S., Dhamotharan R.and Shettu N.(2013).In vitro antioxidant activity of marine red algae Chondrococcus hornemanni and Spyridia fusiformis.Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research,2013, 5(3):82-85
5T.S.Subha, Gnanamani A, Biswas AK, Sekaran G(2012). Candida biofilms: development, architecture and perfusion of antifungal
American J of Bio-pharm Biochem and Life Sci ,Vol. 1
(Suppl 1): A49..
6R.Kavitha, C.V.Chitti Babu, T.S.Subha (2012)In vitro studies on antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of indigenous medicinal plants Diplocyclos palmatus, Ctenolopis garcinii, and Kedrostis rostrata.American J of Bio-pharm BIochem and Life Sci1(1):A58
7S.Ravikumar, S.Murugesan, R.Dhamodharan, R.Pandian, T.S.Subha (2012) 2(1): 29-36.(1 citation).Bioremediation of Pharmaceutical Effluent by Employing Algae. Bioremediation of Pharmaceutical Effluent by Employing Algae. 2(1): 29-36
8S.Ravikumar, S.Murugesan, R.Dhamodharan, R.Pandian, T.S.Subha (2012).Phycoremediation efficiency of steel Effluent waste water by Oscillatoria sp.Global Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences,2(1): 47-54
9Manisha Juneja, Uma Vanam, Sripriya P,  Asha Bharathan, Venugopal S. Keerthi, Justus K. Reena, Rama Rajaram, Kallikat N. Rajasekharan, Devarajan Karunagaran.4-Amino-2-arylamino-5-indoloyl/cinnamoythiazoles, analogs of topsentin-class of marine alkaloids, induce apoptosis in HeLa cells.European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2013
63: 474-483
10D.Subashini, J. Ejilane, A. Radha, M.A. Jayasri and K. SuthindhiranEthanol Production from Sago Waste using Saccharomyces cerevisieae Vits-M1Current Research Journal of Bilogical Sciences2011
11M. Priya Dharishini, A.Radha, K. Balasubramanian, S.Dinesh and M. NarasimmanIn-vitro Micro propagation and comparative free radical scavenging activity of wild plant and callus extract of Leucas aspera Journal of Academia and Industrial Research2014


Dr. T. S. Subha

2015: A minor Project on “Natural Polymers and Gums for Drug delivery system’ – TANSCHE Rs. 1,00,000/-.

Student Achievements

Sl. No.DateEventPrize
1.  27.09.2013Queen Mary's College Gloriosa centura
2.  Fresh flower arrangementIII Prize
C. Kalpana I M.Sc.,
M. Aswini I M.Sc.,
3.  Miss GloriosaIII Prize
S. Ponni III B.Sc., T.M
D. Reena III B.Sc., T.M
4.  09.10.2013D.G.Vaishnav College Micromatsuri-2013 Rangoli competitionII Prize
A. Suganya III B.Sc., T.M
P. Shalini III B.Sc., T.M
5.  14.12.2013Loyola College Genotsav 13
6.  14.12.2014Dumb CharadesI Prize
P. Kanimathi III B.Sc., E.M
S. Ashwini III B.Sc., T.M
D. Divya III B.Sc., E.M
7.  14.12.2015Ad ZapIII Prize
P. Kanimathi III B.Sc., E.M
D. Divya III B.Sc., E.M
V. Aruna III B.Sc., T.M
8.  29.01.2014Ethiraj College for Women Lantana 2014I Prize
V. Aruna III B.Sc., T.M
R. M. Bhavani III B.Sc., T.M
9.  16.12.2013Inter-departmental competition Title Galaxy (Physics Dept.)III Prize
10.  09.03.2015Presidency College
11.  09.03.2016Floral ArrangementI Prize V. Jothi
12.  09.03.2017Art from WasteII Prize J. Bakiyam
13.  09.03.2018Vegetable CarvingIII Prize V. Haritha
1421.9.2016SDNB Vaishnav college for women Mahulika 2016 - 2017-BiozapIII rd Prize Ziya Shahab, T.Uma Mageshwari (I M.Sc., Botany), R.Archana, K. Ramalakshmi (I B.Sc., Botany TM)
1523.8.2018Ethiraj College LANTANA 2018-2019 Quiz programII nd Prize M. Shalini, R. Jaya Pavithra, R. Saranya (III B.Sc., Botany EM).
1628.2.2019Madras Christian College CAPPARIS'19- MimeII nd Prize R. Saranya, R. Divya, N. Dhanalakshmi, D. Ishwarya (III B.Sc., Botany EM).



I PRIZE – III B.Sc. Botany EM


I PRIZE – II M.Sc. Botany

II PRIZE – I B.Sc. Botany TM


I PRIZE – I B.Sc Botany EM

II PRIZE – III B.Sc. Botany EM


I PRIZE – III B.Sc. Botany EM

II PRIZE – II M.Sc. Botany



I PRIZE – I B.Sc., Botany Tamil Medium

II PRIZE – I M.Sc., Botany

III PRIZE – II B.Sc., Mathematics Shift – I


I PRIZE – II M.Sc., Botany

II PRIZE – II B.Sc., Botany Tamil Medium

II B.Sc., Botany English Medium


I PRIZE – II M.Sc., Botany

II PRIZE – II B.Sc., Botany Tamil Medium


I PRIZE – II M.Sc., Botany

II PRIZE – II B.Sc., Botany Tamil Medium

II B.Sc., Botany English Medium


I PRIZE – II M.Sc., Botany