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About The Department

The department of chemistry started functioning in 1964.Chemistry major in the under graduate level was introduced in 1968 only in Tamil Medium. Parallel English medium was introduced in 1971. The sanctioned strength in English Medium is 36 and in Tamil medium are 30. We offer allied chemistry for physics, Botany, Zoology and Biochemistry (English and Tamil medium). In total we have 270 students in allied chemistry classes.

We have started M.Sc Chemistry in 1998 with student strength of 10. We got a sanction of Rs.1.75lakhs towards setting up M.Sc lab. An additional fund of Rs.1.50 Lakhs was sanctioned by Government of Tamil Nadu under Women’s higher education policy. Now the class strength has been revised to 12.

Staff Profile

S. No.Emp. CodeNameQualificationDesignationExperience
1T/CH/096Dr. S. TharaniM.Sc., M. Phil., PGDCA.,Ph.D.,Associate Professor and
2T/CH/097Tmt. R. TamilselviM.Sc., M. Phil.,Associate Professor20
3T/CH/100Dr. P.R.KalaivaniM.Sc., M. Phil., B. Ed, Ph.D.,Assistant Professor11
4T/CH/102Dr. C. Deepa M.Sc., M. Phil.,Ph.D.,Assistant Professor11
5T/CH/103Dr.T.Shanmugapriya M.Sc., M. Phil.,Ph.D.,Assistant Professor10
6T/CH/104Tmt. P. ThiriveniM.Sc., M. Phil.,Assistant Professor10
7T/CH/105Miss. M. Padma M.Sc., M. Phil., PGDCA.Assistant Professor10
8T/CH/106Dr. S. SreedeviM.Sc., Ph.D.Assistant Professor10
9T/CH/181Dr. C. RajamM.Sc., M. Phil.,Ph.D.,Assistant Professor10
10T/CH/176Dr.P.NithyaM.Sc., M. Phil.,Ph.D.,Assistant Professor4
11T/CH/182Dr.V.DhanalakshmiM.Sc., M. Phil.,Ph.D.,Assistant Professor4

Lab / Infrastructure/ Department Library

There are well equipped labs to cater U.G students both major and allied subjects. It has separate gas storage room, sufficient exhaust fans, fire extinguisher etc.

There are two P.G. labs – one for Physical Chemistry and other for Organic and Inorganic Chemistry with sufficient equipments / machinery.

Chemistry Lab Photos





Details of Department Library

2Journals Subscribed36

Seminar / Workshop / Conferences Organized

S.No.DateTitleResource Person
119/02/14“ Microscale Chemistry” -a green approachProf. S. Murugan, M.Sc., M. Phil. M.Sc., M. Phil.
HOD of Chemistry, (Rtd.)
S.T. Hindu College, Nagercoil.
213/12/18“ Workshop on Radio Chemistry” Dr.K.Ananthasivan
Associate DIrector,Materials and Fuel Chemistry Group -IGCAR, Kalpakkam

Research contribution

a.Faculty Publications

2012 – 13

1.Dr. P. JeyanthiCo-polymerisation of N-tert-butyl acrylamide with quinolinyl acrylate – synthesis, characterization, monomer reactivity ratio, mean sequence length and anti microbial activity.Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research.4(8), 4079 – 86, 2012.
N-tert-butylacrylamide based copolymers – II: Synthesis and characterization of poly (N-tert-butylacrylamide-co-2,4 –dichloro phenyl methacrylate).Rasayan Journal of chem.5, (3), 286-292, 2012
N-tert-butylacrylamide based copolymers – I: Synthesis and characterization of poly(N-tert-butylacrylamide-co-7-acryloyloxy-4-methyl coumarinInternational journal of Chem. Tech. Research, 4(1), 05-11, 2012
Mechanical, Thermal, Electrical and Morphology characterization of ethylene, propylene, diene monomer – nano clay compositesChem. Sci. Transactions.2(3), 1042-48, 2013.
Co-polymerisation of N-cyclohexyl acrylamide with 2, 4-dichloro phenyl methacrylate: synthesis, characterization, reactivity ratios and biological activities.Rasayan Journal of chem. 6(1), 80-88, 2013
Synthesis and biological activities of 2-(-p-substituted phenyl –α-benzimidazolo) methyl 1, 2, 3, 4-tetrazolesJournal of pharmaceutical and chemical sciences 2(2), 950-955(2013)
Synthesis , characterization and anti microbial screening of coumarin copolymers Chemical science transactions 2(2)2013, (000-000)
Dispersion studies of nanosilica in nbr based polymer nanocompositeRasayan Journal of chem., 6(2).,122-133,2013
Effect of nanosilica on ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber nanocomposites International Journal of innovative res&dev2(5),831-841 (2013)
2Ms. T. ShanmugapriyPhotoluminasence enhancement of nano gold decorated CdS quantum dots.Journal of Physical Chemisty C.117, 12272-78, 2013
3Dr. S. SreedeviStudies on permeation and rejection of proteins and toxic heavy metal ions from aqueous solution by modified cellulose acetate and poly carbonate membranes. International journal of current science.174-177, 2012.
4Mrs. C. DeepaDye absorption studies of NTA based hydrogels.Indian journal of research, (9) 2013

2013 – 14

1Dr. P. JeyanthiPhsico mechanical and thermal properties of hydrogenated nitrile rubber based polymerInternational journal of scientific and engineering research 5(2),856-865(2014)
Effect of DOP as dispersion medium on MMT –nano clay in NBR polymer matrixIndian journal of applied research 4(2).,.43-46.,(2014)
N-Cyclohexylacrylamide based copolymers : synthesis and anri microbial studies of poly(N-Cyclohexylacrylamide-Co-N-Vinyl pyrollidone)Paripex – Indian journal of research 3(5).,.17-19,(2014)
Efficient synthesis of 3-Chloro -1-(7-nitrobenzothiazole-2-yl)-4-(5’-chloro-3’methyl-1H-pyrazole)azetidin-2-one usig ionic liquidInternational journal of scientific research.3(5).,(2014)
Synthesis and characterization of 3-Chloro -1-(7-nitrobenzothiazole-2-yl)-4-substituted pheny azetidin-2-one.Indian journal of applied research 4(5).,(2014)
N-Tert-Amylacrylamide based copolymers: synthesis ansd characterization of poly (NTA-Co-NVP)International journal of science and research(ijsr) 3(6).,2014
Synthesis ,characterization and antimicrobial screening of coumarin copolymers Chemical science transactions3(2).,2014
N-Tert-butylacrylamide based copolymers: synthesis ansd characterization of poly (NTB-Co-NVP)International journal of science and research(ijsr) 3(7).,2014
b. Minor/Major projects
S.No.NameTitleSponsored OrganizationAmount
1Dr. P. JeyanthiSynthesis and antimicrobial activities of 3 chloro 1-(7-nitro benzoyl)-4-sustituted phenyl azetitin-2-oneTANSCHE1,00,000
2Mrs. C. DeepaDye absorption studies of hydrogel based on cationic and anionic monomersUGC88,000