Computer Science

About the department:

The Department was established in the year 1998. The Department started with B.Sc. Computer Science in Shift I during 1998-1999, Shift II, B.Sc. Computer Science was started during 2007 – 08. The department started M.Sc. Computer Science in the academic year 2012-2013.

The department is engaged in training students for employment & higher studies. The staffs of the department are involved in active research in the areas of Data mining, Neural Networks, Digital Image Processing, Soft Computing, Network Security, Mobile Computing and Cloud Computing. Various workshops, seminars and symposia have been organized by the department so far, which have strengthened both the teaching and research activities of the department.

The curriculum is designed to make the students employable. Training on communication skills, professional ethics etc is given to the students.

Staff Profile

1Mrs.Indhubala.RM.C.A ., M. Phil.,Associate Professor & HOD15 yrs
2Mrs.Kavitha.KM.C.A.,M.Phil.,Assistant Professor6 yrs & 9 months
3Dr.Lakshmidevi.RM.C.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,Assistant Professor6 yrs & 9 months
4Mrs.Tamilselvi.KM.C.A.,M.Phil.,Assistant Professor6 yrs & 9 months
5Dr.Janaki.KM.C.A.,M.Tech.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,Assistant Professor6 yrs & 9 months
6Mrs.Kanmani.M M.Sc., M.Phil., M.A., D.Y.H.EAssistant Professor3 yrs & 5 months
7Dr.Sujatha.SM.Sc.,Ph.D.,Assistant Professor3 yrs & 5 months
8Mrs.Umamaheswari.KM.C.A.,Assistant Professor3 yrs & 5 months

Lab / Infrastructure/ Department Library:

Details of Equipment and Computers

Software Installed : ORACLE 11G SE, Visual FOXPRO 9.0

Operating System : Windows XP, Windows 7

Details of Computer Lab

Computer Science Lab Photos





System Configuration:


S.No.Company NameRequirementsNumber
1HCLIntel core 2 Processor,
512 MB RAM
150 GB Hard disk
2HCL InfinitePentium 4 2.40GHZ Processor,
250 MB RAM ,
40 GB Hard Disk
3ZebronicsDUAL CORE Processor
250GB Hard Disk
4ZebronicsI5 Processor
500GB Hard disk
5WIPROPentium® 2.80GHZ Processor
150GB Hard disk
6ACER-19I5 3.20GHZ Processor
4.00 GB Ram
500GB Hard disk


Department Result

No. appearedNo. PassedPass %No.of first classNo. of first class with distinction
2012 - 13UGShift IE.M3535100238
Shift IIE.M333297255
    No. appearedNo. PassedPass %No.of first classNo. of first class with distinction
2013 - 14UGShift IE.M35351002910
Shift IIE.M363497233
PGShift IE.M15117383

Student Achievement:

S.No.Name of the studentCollege NameEventPrize(I/II/III)
1G.Vidhya & S.Barakath NishaM.O.P Vaishnava College for Women’sClick & ArtIII
2V.Bhavani & S.PoornimaM.O.P Vaishnava College for Women’sWeb DesigningII
3R.Deepika & C.Vishnu PriyaM.O.P Vaishnava College for Women’sProjectII
4P.Jamuna & C.Vishnu PriyaSree Chandraprabu Jain CollegeQuizIII
5P.SujathaLoyala CollegePoster DesigningI
6P.Jamuna, R.Deepika & C.Vishnu PriyaEthiraj College for WomenTweak Fluster(Quiz)II
7V.Bhavani & S.PoornimaS.A Engineering CollegeDebuggingI
8V.Bhavani & M.LogeswariVels UniversityWeb DesigningI
9S.Poornima & K.VijayalakshmiVels UniversityQuizII
S.No.Name of the studentCollege NameEventPrize(I/II/III)
1R.VijiSri Kanyaka Parameshwari CollegeMono-TryIII
2T.Bhuvaneshwari & R.DeepikaSri Kanyaka Parameshwari CollegeTech-Know(Quiz)I
3R.Viji & C.Vishnu PriyaSri Kanyaka Parameshwari CollegeTech-Know(Quiz)II

Seminar / Workshop / Conferences Organized:

S.NoDateTitleResource Person
123/1/132D AnimationMr.Micheal,Mr.Sankar,C.S.Kannan
228/1/13Data Mining and Intrusion DetectionDr.S.Behin Sam M.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D.
Asst Professor & HOD in Rajeshwari Vedachalan Govt. Arts and Science College, Chengalpattu.
36/9/13Cloud ComputingMr. Suresh Durairajan
Lead Architect, IBM Private Cloud Solutions.
IBM India Private Ltd.
415/2/14Workshop on PythonMr.S.Prasanna Venkatesan
Backend Engineer
Likewyss technologies Pvt .Ltd

Research contribution:

a. Faculty Publications:
S.No.NameTitleJournalVolumeNo./ Issue/Page No.
1R.Lakshmi DeviPerformance Analysis of Human Resource Process using Fuzzy Data Mining ApproachIndian Journal of Applied Research.Vol. 1,Issue 2 ,
pp. 16-18
2R.Lakshmi DeviClassification of Employee Turnover Intention Using Hierarchical Cluster Analysis: A Case Study From Indian Pharmaceutical Companies.International Journal of Pharmaceutical sciences and Research.Vol. 4(12): 4704-4707
3S.SujathaFuzzy Logic Controller Based Intrusion Handling System for Mobile Ad-Hoc NetworksAsian Journal of Information Technology.Vol. 7, No. 5,
pp. 172-182.
4S.SujathaMeasuring the Vulnerability of Nodes in an Ad-hoc Network using Analytical Hierarchy Process Model’The ICFAI University Journal of Computer Science.Vol. II, No. 3,
5K.JanakiAn Effective Hospital Location Analysis Technique with aid of weightage and Pattern Mining.European Journal of Scientific Research.Oct -12. Vol. 88, No.1.
pp. 112- 125
6K.JanakiPattern Mining Method for Hospital Facility Review using optimized Non Linear Mathematical ModalInternational Journal for Computer Applications.Feb- 2013.
Vol. 63, No.4.
pp. 0975- 8887
7K.JanakiA Novel Expert System in Hospital Location Analysis with the aid of Adaptive Artificial Bee Colony (AABC)International Review on Computer and Software (I.RE.CO.S).Oct- 2013.
Vol 8. No 10.
ISSN 1828 - 6003