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In the academic year 1967-68, the B.A., Degree Course in History with a sanctioned strength of 40 students was introduced with Tamil as the medium of instruction. An English medium section with a similar strength was started in 1971.

In 1974, Evening College in B.A., History was begun to benefit the working women in North Chennai. As years went by, to meet the growing demand, a second batch in Tamil Medium was started with the same strength in 1993.

PG Course was introduced in 1998 and in the same year autonomy was also granted. Hence, the curriculum was suitably changed to meet the challenging needs of the society. Subjects of Regional, National, Asian and International importance and job-oriented subjects were offered. Minimizing political history, emphasis was made on cultural heritage, national integration and the socio-economic aspects of society.
M.Phil Course was introduced in the year 2012 and in 2013 autonomy was granted. At present 10 students are admitted.

The Department is producing 144 undergraduates and almost centum percentages of Post-graduates every year. The Department functions with 12 faculty members, 8 with Doctorate degree and 4 others with M.Phil qualification and at present 3 of them are pursuing for their Ph.D., Degree. Also, 3 faculty members are guiding Scholars who are pursuing Ph.D., Degree in Part Time.

As Research was emphasized by the NAAC, our Faculty members presented research papers at the Regional, State, National and International level Conferences. Books and Journals are also being authored and published by the faculty. Since the updating of syllabus became necessary after completion of 5 years, the curriculum was restructured with the introduction of new papers like Archaeology, Public Administration, Archival keeping, History of Chennai, History of Ideas etc.


Educational Trip To Senji Fort, Sathanur Dam And Thiruvannamalai Temple On 5th February 2013

Educational Trip To Mysore, Belur, Halebeedu, Sravanabelagola And Coorg 15 – 19 February 2014

Courses offered
B.A. Tamil Medium1967 – 1968
B.A. English Medium1971
Evening College1974
Batch – II Tamil Medium1993
M. A.1998
M.Phil, 2012
Ph.D., (Government Permission Obtained)2013

Staff Profile

Sl.NOEmp. CodeNameQualificationDesignationExperienceResearch Guidance
UGPGM. Phil.,PhD.,
1T/H/044Dr. Pramila. BM.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., PGDCAAssociate
Professor & HOD
2T/H/047Dr. Prabhu Kumari VanamaM.A., MTTH., M.Phil., Diploma in Tamil Litt., Diploma in Citizens Legal Rights, ADCAAssistant
3T/H/049Dr. Gowri. PM.A., M.Phil., PGDCA.,Ph.D.,Assistant
4T/H/050Dr. Jancy Rani. GM.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.,Assistant
5T/H/051Dr. Kasthuri. MM. A., M.Phil., Ph.D.,Assistant
6T/H/053Mrs. Ponmudi. BM.A., M. Phil.,Assistant

Lab / Infrastructure/ Department Library

Maps (Paper Folded)130
Map Stand1
Map Pointer1
Number of Computers in the Dept.,2
1. Books count.
Non-Plan 1505
UGC Books453
2. Journal count 55

Faculty Publications

S.No.NameTitleJournalVolumeNo./ Issue/Page No.
1Dr. Prabhu Kumari
Thallapaaka Annamacharya – The Impeccable Icon of Indian MusicARTS & EDUCATION International Research Journal ISSN: 2349-1353June 2014, vol. 1, Issue. 1, pp. 180-82
2Mrs. Gowri. PWomen Prison and the Rehabilitation of Women PrisonersInternational Journal of Social Science Review ISSN: 2347-6885June 2014, Vol. 2, Issue. 1, pp. 45-50
3Mrs. Rajeswari. NLegislative Measures for the implementation of Vaccination in the Colonial RuleInternational Journal of Social Science Review ISSN: 2347-6885June 2014, Vol. 2, Issue. 1, pp. 51-55