Department Profile

In Department of Mathematics the course B.Sc. Mathematics (English and Tamil medium) was established in the academic year 1968-69 with a sanctioned strength of 36 students in each medium. M.Sc. Applicable Sciences was started in the year 1995 under the self financing scheme with a sanctioned strength of 20 students which was later converted as M.Sc. Applicable Mathematics in the academic year 2002-03.As it was not recognized for the students higher education, it was converted to M.Sc. Mathematics from the year 2009-10 for the benefit of the students with a sanctioned strength of 26. The syllabus was revised as par with the syllabus given by the University of Madras and approved by the Board of Studies and the Academic Council of this Autonomous Institution. From the academic year 2007-08 B.Sc. Mathematics Shift II was introduced with a sanctioned strength of 36 students.

The Department consists of well qualified and experienced staff members to handle both the B.Sc., and M.Sc., courses. There are 14 staff members with 3 doctorates, 3 pursuing Ph.D. and 2 with NET. Five guest lecturers are appointed to handle the Shift II students. For under graduates the allied subjects offered are Physics or Calculus of finite differences and Numerical methods, Graph Theory and Mathematical Statistics. For post graduates the electives offered are Graph Theory, Fuzzy sets & their Applications, Calculus of variation, Integral transforms, Combinatorics and Fluid Dynamics.

Three of the II M.Sc. (2012-2014), students were selected for ‘’Study abroad programme” introduced by Tamil Nadu state for higher Education department and have completed the programme successfully.

(i). Sangeetha.M did her 3rd Semester in ‘’Royal Holloway-University of London’’, United Kingdom.
(ii). Priya.D did her 3rd Semester in ‘’University of Birmingham’’, United Kingdom.
(iii). Emmimal Rajathy.R did her final semester in ‘’King’s College -University of London’’- United Kingdom.

Staff Profile

1Tmt.Srividya.VM.Sc,M.Phil.,Associate Professor
2Tmt.Arutchelvi.AM.Sc,M.Phil.,Assistant Professor66
3Tmt.Meenakumari.E.RM.Sc,M.Phil,Assistant Professor54
4Tmt.Shobana Sarma.CM.Sc,M.Phil.,Assistant Professor55
5Tmt. M. VimalabaiM.Sc.,M.Phil.,Assistant Professor
6Dr.Meera.CM.Sc,M.Phil,Ph.D.,Assistant Professor44
7Dr.Rajashree Rajagopalan M.Sc, Ph.D.,Assistant Professor2.52.5
8Dr. Maheswari.JM.Sc,M.Phil Ph.D.,Assistant Professor2.52.5
9Dr.M.Joyce Punitha M.Sc, Ph.D.,Assistant Professor
10Dr.K.Kavitha M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor2.52.5
11Dr.S.RenukaDeviM.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor
12Dr.Lavanaya SM.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor
13Dr.N.V.Anbarasi M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor
14Dr.S.Nirmala M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor

No of candidates registered for the year 2014-2015 – 1

Lab/ Infrastructure/ Department Library:

S.No.Computer Lab
1Computer table15
2Printer table4
S.No.Lab equipments
(i) Dot matrix 2
(ii) Laser Printer2
3CD/DVD Writer 4
6L.C.D (projector with screen)1

Mathematics Lab Photos





1Books count1292
2Journal count2

Department Result

No.appearedNo passpass%No of IclassNo of Iclass with distinction
No.appearedNo passpass%No of IclassNo of Iclass with distinction

Students Achievements

S.NoName of the StudentCollege NameEventPrize
1A. YugeethaOratorical competition conducted by United
India Insurance on
Oratorical competitionI
S.NoName of the StudentCollege NameEventPrize
G.Aruna Nivetha
M.O.P Vaishnav Collegeon 2.4.13
Nimble NumbersI
2A. RenukaQueen Mary’s College Oratorical CompetitionI
3K. Kavitha
Y.S. Swathi
Queen Mary’s College Maths Creative SingingII
4M. Deepika
R. Saritha
M. Bhuvaneshwari
Queen Mary’s College Dumb
K. Saranya

Queen Mary’s CollegeMathematical collageI

Workshop Organized 2013-14

DateTitleResourse Persons
114.2.14Programming in CMrs. K.M Sujatha,
Mr. B.DharaniTharan,
Mr. D.Senthil Kumar,
from Sri Seshaa Technologies Private Ltd. ,Chennai.

Research Contribution

(a).Faculty Publications
S.No.NameTitleJournalVolume No/Issue/Page No
1K.ManimekalaiPair sum Labeling of Star and
Cycle Related Graphs
Journal of Statistics ScienceVol.4,No.2,pp.121-129
Pair sum Labeling of some
special Graphs
International Journal of Computer
On Super Edge-BimagicTotal Labelings of Pm Cn and its
Related Grpahs
International Journal of Mathematical 6Archive-4(7) 257-265
Sequentially Additive Labeling for Special GraphsEuropean Journal
of Scientific Research
Vol.82 Issue 4, 2012,485-489.
Simply Sequentially Additive Labeling of Some Special TreesApplied Mathematical SciencesVol.6,2012, No,1316501-6514
2C.MeeraFuzzy soft right ternary near-ringsInternational
Journal of Computer Applications,
Quasi-ideals and bi-ideals of a Right Ternary Near-RingInternational Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research4(5)(2013),1406-1412.
3K.KavithaGroup Magic labeling of Multiple CyclesInternational Journal of of Computer ApplicationsVolume 59-No.12
Application of vertex and
Group Magic labeling
Ultra scientistVol. 25(2)A
S.No.NameTitleJournalVolume No/Issue/Page No
1K.ManimekalaiPairsum Labeling of extended duplicate Graphs of the path and twig related graphsProceedings of International Conference on Information and Mathematical Sciences. 367-374.
2C.MeeraFuzzy Soft Prime Ideals
over a Right Ternary Near-Ring”
International Journal of Pureand Applied Aathematics85(3)2013,507529,doi: 10.12732/ijpam.v85i3.7
3Fuzzy Soft Quasi-Ideal and
bi-ideals over a Right Ternary Near-Ring”
International Journal of Mathematical S sciencesJune 2013.
4A Study on the Structure of
Right Ternary N-groups
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5An Insight into Right Ternary Near-rings, International Journal of Mathematical Sciences, ISSN: 2051-5995, 34(1) (2014),1426-1438.
6K.KavithaGroup Magic labeling of Cycles with a common vertex”,International Journal of Computing Algorithm,Integrated Intelligent Research Vol02,(239-242),ISSN 2278-2397.
7Group Magic labeling of
Generalised closed helm
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8Group Magic labeling of wheel and flower graphsElsevier Science and echnology, Proceedings of 5th International
conference on information and Mathematical sciences.
(355-360) - Oct 2013