Physical Education

The College offers various opportunities to students who aspire to shine in sports. Practice sessions are arranged for sports competitions. Those who do not gain attendance in sports activities are not permitted to write the University examination.

The first year students are offered sports practice twice a week and competitions are also conducted. Under the auspices of the Madras University pre-final and final round sports activities are conducted with participation from womens colleges in North Madras.

Students can also participate in various competitions conducted by the private institutions. Students who are talented in sports are identified and offered coaching classes daily. Students aim high to win these sports competitions. At the end of the academic year inter departmental sports competitions are conducted.

We have one Basket ball concrete court, ball badminton, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Kho-kho courts, Mini foot ball and hockey courts. We have compulsory games for first year students.

Staff Profile

1Dr. E Shakila JasmineB.A., M.P.Ed., M.Phil, Ph.DDirector of Physical Education2 years15 years

Student’s Achievements – 2013-2014

S NoName of the studentClassGameLevel of Achievement
1A SarumathiIII BA HistoryCricketMadras University
2R OviyaII B.ComKabaddiMadras University
3M Kavi BharathiI M.Sc GeographyFootballMadras University
4M Kavi BharathiI M.Sc GeographyFootballInter Division
5A EzhilarasiIII B.ComFootballInter Division
6R KeshavarthiniIII B.ComFootballInter Division
7V ShanthiniIII B A HistoryFootballInter Division
8M Hamshirah BegumII B A EconomicsFootballInter Division
9R KeshavarthiniIII B.ComHockeyInter Division
10M Hamshirah BegumII BA EconomicsHockeyInter Division
11V ShanthiniIII B A EconomicsHockeyInter Division
12PriyankaI B.Sc GeographyHockeyInter Division
13NithiyaII B A EconomicsHandballInter Division
14RadhikaIII B.ComBasket BallInter Division
15AnandhavalliII B.ComBasket BallInter Division
16R. OviyaII B.ComKabaddiInter Division
17C SindhuI B.Sc BotanyKabaddiInter Division
18A SarumathiIII B A HistoryCricketInter Division
19GayathriI BA EconomicsCricketInter Division
20S SangeethaI B.Sc Computer ScienceBall BadmintonInter Division
21A PavithraII B.ComBall BadmintonInter Division
22R OviyaII B.ComKabaddiChennai Dist
23C SindhuI B.Sc BotanyKabaddiChennai Dist
24R Uma MaheswariIII B A HistoryKabaddiChennai Dist
25S KavithaII B.ComKabaddiChennai Dist
26S AmmuIII B A EconomicsKabaddiChennai Dist
27R OviyaII B.ComKabaddiTamil Nadu State
28C SindhuI B.Sc BotanyKabaddiTamil Nadu State

Student’s Achievements – 2012-2013

S.NoName of the studentClassGameLevel of Achievement
1T BhavaniII M.Sc (Zoology)CricketMadras University
2A KanimozhiIII B.Sc (Geography)FootballMadras University
3S BhuvaneswariIII B.Sc (Chemistry)FootballMadras University
4G. NelavathiII M.Sc (Zoology)FootballMadras University
5R BhavaniII M.Sc (Zoology)CricketInter Division
6B. PrabhavathiIII BA EconomicsCricketInter Division
7R CowsikaIII BA Economics1. Shuttle Badmiton
2. Ball badminton
Inter Division
8M KavibharathiIII B Sc (Chemistry)HockeyInter Division
9A KanimozhiIII B Sc (Chemistry)HockeyInter Division
10R KeshavarthiniIII B. ComHockeyInter Division
11Firthous FathimaI BA (English)HockeyInter Division
12R OviyaII B.ComKabadiInter Division
13A AmmaII B A EconomicsKabadiInter Division
14G NeelavathyII M.Sc ZoologyFootballInter Division
15R BhavaniII M.Sc ZoologyFootballInter Division
16M Kavi BharathiIII B.Sc GeographyFootballInter Division
17A KanimozhiIII B.Sc GeographyFootballInter Division
18A Daisy RaniIII B.Sc GeographyFootballInter Division
19S BhuvaneswariIII B.Sc ChemistryFootballInter Division
20B PrabhavathiIII BA EconomicsFootballInter Division
21R CowsikaIII BA EconomicsFootballInter Division
22D SunithaII B.Sc ChemistryFootballInter Division
23K GeethaII B.ComFootballInter Division
24R KesavarthiniII B.ComFootballInter Division
25A EzhilarasiII B.ComFootballInter Division
26V ShanthiniII B.A HistoryFootballInter Division
27R SugunaI B.Sc BotanyFootballInter Division
28E SevvanthiI B.Sc BotanyFootballInter Division
29H Humshira BegumI B A EconomicsFootballInter Division
30A KanimozhiIII B.Sc GeographyFootballTamilnadu State
31R KeshavarthiniII B.ComHockeyChennai Dist
32A KanimozhiIII B.Sc GeographyFootballChennai dist
33S BhuvaneshwariIII B.Sc ChemistryFootballChennai District
34B PrabhavathiIII B A EconomicsFootballChennai District